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    Combined Experience: 800,000+ cases reviewed

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    State-of-the-art laboratory employing the highest standards of quality

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  • Our Dermatologists

    Personalized consultations and clinicopathologic correlation

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    Dedicated sales and service team in your area

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    Direct phone and email access to our Dermatopathologists

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Welcome to Compass Dermatopathology.  We are board-certified dermatopathologists /dermatologists, and we understand the clinical impact of a microscopic diagnosis.  At Compass DermPath we draw from a combined experience of over 800,000 reviewed cases. This combination enables us to offer the dermatology community a robust host of services.

We feature a streamlined requisition process, as well as provide the client with easy-to-read final reports.  From our immunofluorescence-made-easy to our clinical commitment, we have carefully designed a system focused solely on you and your patients.

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